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2 Criteria for Wire Brushes for Weld Slag Removal


Weld slag is a hard, brittle material that forms as the welding torch consumes the flux, and it forms naturally during any flux-based welding. Virtually no welding project can be accomplished without some degree of weld slag being left behind. While it is chemically harmless, weld slag can still pose problems in a number of ways.

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Understanding 2 Common Welding Techniques


Although most people understand that welding involves the fusing together of multiples pieces of metal, a surprising number fail to appreciate the surprising number of ways in which this goal can be achieved.

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How To Prevent Rust From Ruining Your Metals


Rust is an annoying type of corrosion. It stains your clothes, messes up your tools, makes your car look old and ugly and even ruins your outdoor decorations. But rust is much more than just a minor annoyance. It can be detrimental to buildings, bridges and any type of metal that is exposed to the elements.

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