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Welding a Handrail for Your Front Porch: Metal Comparisons


A great way to give your front porch aesthetic appeal and added safety is by adding a metal handrail to its steps. This project can be completed by welding durable metal pieces together for a streamlined, contemporary finish. Before beginning your welding project, it's important to choose a welding company you trust to complete the work for you so it's done accurately and safely.


Six Custom Welded Outdoor Project Ideas


Outdoor welded projects are particularly sensible because they are constructed to withstand use and the elements, and they are also stylish in their own way. Here are some suggestions for projects.

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Why You Should Consider Stainless Steel for Your Next Project: A List of Advantages


Stainless steel is a versatile metal that can be used in an almost unlimited number of applications around your home. The next time you have a project that requires metal fabrication, you may want to consider selecting stainless steel. Below is more information about this marvelous metal as well as several advantages that stainless steel offers.

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6 Benefits of Custom Metal Fencing


When you decide to define your property boundaries, you have a number of important decisions to make. You must choose the right material, determine the proper placement, and find a contractor. If you're leaning toward a metal fence material such as aluminum, iron, or steel, you may have the option of choosing between premade fence panels and custom fence fabrication.

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