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Turn Horseshoes or Chains Into Fantastic Landscape Décor

A horse shoe
Many people like to decorate their yards with unique creations made from horseshoes or thick chains. These people weld the horseshoes or chains together into different shapes to create specific pieces. Learn about some of the creative things you can have made for your yard out of horseshoes and chains.

Mailbox Post

Make a mailbox post out of horseshoes or chains. If you want to ensure the mailbox is affixed to a very stable post, then have the horseshoes or chains welded the same height of the post you plan on using and the length of the adjoining post the mailbox will be attached to.

Once you have the horseshoes or chains welded into an L shape, affix them to the post for added stability. The last step is to affix the mailbox to the structure. Then you have a completed and stylish mailbox.

Horseshoe Flowers

Horseshoes can be welded in the shape of a step, a round flower, and a leaf. All the pieces can be welded together to create flowers you can then display anywhere in your yard. Weld a couple extra horseshoes to the stem, to bury them into the ground so that you stabilize the flowers.

You can get creative and have something metal also cut and welded to fit the center of the flower. You may even want to have thin metal rods welded to the center to create pistons. If you include pistons, keep them short to prevent someone from injuring themselves on them. You can paint the horseshoe flower or leave it in its natural state.

Horseshoe and Chain Firepit

For a horseshoe and chain firepit you'll also need the outer portion of a tire rim. This means the rest of it must be cut out at a machine shop. You can have a piece of sheet metal welded together to create the base portion of the pit in lieu of the tire rim.

Weld chains into the posts to create the sides of the firepit and the base. Then, weld horseshoes together to create a circular top. The finished top looks like a tabletop of horseshoes where there are no large open spaces. The horseshoes need to be welded to the chains.

Dig a shallow hole in the area where the firepit is to be set. Place the completed firepit directly over the hole. Put firewood in the center of the firepit by placing the wood pieces through the gaps in the chain posts. Once you are using your pit, you can place food on the cleaned off horseshoe top and the food will be heated. Or, just sit back and enjoy the fire.

Horseshoe Cactus

You can design a cactus and have horseshoes welded together to create the cactus you designed. In fact, you can create a cactus garden area in your yard where you display several different cactuses of various sizes. For an added effect, put some white or red gravel at the base of each horseshoe cactus. You can paint the horseshoe cactuses green or leave them be.

Your Own Creation

You can design your own creation to be welded of horseshoes and chains. Other metal items can be welded to them to create the look you want. Your imagination is the limit to the possibilities for unique creations.

Bring your design, measurements, and materials to Sam's Welding Incorporated. We help you create your special landscape décor, so you can have your yard looking just the way you want. Contact us now to discuss your project. We also help you with tips and advice that ensure your masterpiece is as durable as possible.