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6 Reasons to Choose Aluminum Decking Systems

Aluminum Sheet
The right decking system will add character, elegance, and flair to your home. Admittedly, building a deck out in your backyard is a significant investment; therefore, careful consideration should go into selecting a solid deck that will deliver value for money. Factors such as the quality of the material, style, and characteristics are important considerations when selecting a decking system.
Aluminum decking systems are increasingly popular, and for good reason. If you are in the market for a decking system, here are a few reasons to consider aluminum decking.
1. Customization
You can weld and fabricate aluminum into numerous different shapes without the material losing its tolerance and durability, allowing you to customize your deck railing whichever way you desire.
Compared to materials such as PVC, steel, and wood, aluminum is less bulky. The inherent lightness of aluminum helps to add to the aesthetics of your deck, an area of your house where airiness, vivacity, and relaxation are crucial.
2. Robust Thermal Properties
Aluminum has impressive thermal properties that make this material especially suitable for use in outdoor areas such as the deck.
Compared to composite and vinyl decking, aluminum has a limited range of thermal expansion and contraction. Aluminum is, therefore, less prone to damage when exposed to varying climatic conditions.
In the cold winter months, many metals, including steel, become increasingly brittle, but aluminum actually grows stronger. Although aluminum absorbs heat fast, its excellent thermal conductivity allows this material to lose heat at an equally fast rate, allowing your decking area to remain cool even in the summer.
3. Photo-Degradation Resistant
Over time, many conventional decking materials, including wood and vinyl, succumb to the harsh effects of ultraviolet rays. Photo-degradation of decking systems can cause the deck to lose its structural integrity, increasing the risk of potentially fatal collapses.
On the other hand, aluminum has a significantly longer service life even with constant exposure to UV light. The paint may wear off with time, but the underlying aluminum alloy only grows stronger, ensuring your deck is safe at all times.
4. Corrosion Resistant
Aluminum is one of the most rust-resistant metals available. Even steel with its structurally impressive properties is prone to rust, especially around welded joints.
You may opt to paint steel to reduce the rate of rust, but galvanized steel may not be a reliable substrate for paint finishes. Aluminum decking systems are less susceptible to rust and will, therefore, serve you for longer.
5. Low Maintenance
Aluminum decking is almost an install-and-forget system, with only periodic maintenance required. Wood, steel, and wrought iron need a fresh coat of paint at least once a year, but this is not the case with aluminum.
Professional metal fabricators usually pretreat aluminum alloy under intense heat to coat the alloy and provide protection against rust and harsh weather elements.
Even when unpainted, aluminum alloys form a protective oxide on its surface, which minimizes the need for costly maintenance.
6. Cost Effective
While the upfront cost of aluminum decking systems may be comparably higher, this cost pays for itself in terms of lower lifetime maintenance expenses and increased longevity.
If durability, low maintenance, and customization are a priority when selecting decking systems for your property, consider aluminum alloy. Be sure to work with an experienced metal fabricating company that can design and put together a structurally sound aluminum decking system.
At Sam's Welding, Inc, we apply military precision to all our clients' welding and fabricating jobs, whether big or small. We are specialists in aluminum welding and can help you design your dream decking system. Get in touch with us today and we will transform your ideas into reality.